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Riyadh Bin Bulayhid Office

Chartered Accountants & Financial Consultants

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          The Audit Office of Riyadh Bin Bulayhid Chartered Accountants & Financial Consultants established under high quality Audit Act 2015, that conducts audits for the Auditor-General. The Auditor help to improve business environment.
          Who We Are
          Riyadh Bin Bulayhid Chartered Accountants & Financial Consultants providing high quality unique services for our clients, because of our commitment of three Maine fundamental basics which are Professional efficiency, responsiveness, quality.

          Professional efficiency

          By combining our expertise, work experience and the power of our staff, every customer receives close personal and professional attention Our standards and specialized staff make the difference between our outstanding performance and other competitors


          The companies that choice us they trust our competence, the accuracy of our advice and the quick response of our staff. We provide the best financial services to small, medium, large and other enterprises.


          The reputation of our offices reflects the high standards we ask ourselves Our primary goal as trusted advisors is to provide insightful advice to enable our clients to make best financial decisions our pleasure to answer all your questions that affect your financial or tax position.


          Audit and Financial Examination
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          Audit and Financial Examination Shareholders, creditors and government agencies often need to emphasize that the financial statements accurately reflect the real financial position, A review of financial statements is an examination of evidence on a pro-rata basis of the amounts and disclosures about the financial statements. Our work includes a review of the internal control system and communication with parties outside the establishment and based on the results to which we communicate we issue the financial report on whether it is free of material distortions

          Zakat and Taxation
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          Zakat and Taxation Zakat and Taxation Accounting: The collection and processing of financial information in order to reach the Zakat or taxable amount, which is known as the tax or zakat, and then the Zakat declaration or the tax return for Zakat or income tax. An audit is a test of evidence that is in evidence of the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements

          Judicial Accounting
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          Judicial Accounting today's world where judgment is more complicated, You cannot do this operation alone without a legal accountant's office, let us face it. Your chances of success increase when you have a legal accountant with experience. You can get a different perspective, guidance to guide your legal team in the right direction and consult on the most effective documents to use in the court, and important issues to face your opponent in the court.

          Accounting bookkeeping
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          Accounting bookkeeping Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization / corporation or account program.

          Financial and administrative consulting
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          Financial and administrative consulting Financial Consultancy is one of the most important thing that used in large and small projects and in companies and institutions, management consulting and marketing consultancy in addition to get high improvement performance. These are the tools of success in any projects, reaching the higher limit of profits and estimating the size of the market well and in the future also. A financial advisor is a way for any firm to progress and get steady income often and keep away from the market future risk

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